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Call Bullshit

A leader’s primary objective is to provide clarity by means of a clear vision and sense of purpose for their teams and colleagues. And when things conspire against those objectives, the leader needs to devise appropriate tactics and strategies to navigate around them. Perhaps it’s time that we began to call “Bullshit!” a little more often. Here […]

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Feel the Burn

The burning platform metaphor is often used to make a compelling case for change. The argument is that resistance to change is not an option and we must act urgently to ensure the very survival of the organization. There are a a lot of problems with the burning platform metaphor. First and foremost, it’s overused and has […]

The Integrity Gap

Those of a certain age will be familiar with the phrase “Do as I say, not as I do”. This was often muttered by a well-meaning parent when they realized their behaviour didn’t quite match up with their parental rhetoric. Leaders can also get caught in similar traps when their words and actions are out of […]

Landing Your Idea

Leaders are often very good at launching great ideas but the tricky part is landing that idea so that its successful. Many a great idea has died from fatal execution or, in effect, a crash landing. There are valuable lessons from aviation that can be used to help leaders understand how to land that great idea. It’s […]

Some Things I Know

There’s no magic bullet in leadership. You can -and should- spend a lot of time reading the latest and greatest on how to be a better leader. There are hundreds of great minds trying to perfect the art of leadership. Here’s a good place to start. And here and here as well. Over the years, I’ve […]