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Airplane Window

Landing Your Idea

Leaders are often very good at launching great ideas but the tricky part is landing that idea so that its successful. Many a great idea has died from fatal execution or, in effect, a crash landing. There are valuable lessons from aviation that can be used to help leaders understand how to land that great idea. It’s […]

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Some Things I Know

There’s no magic bullet in leadership. You can -and should- spend a lot of time reading the latest and greatest on how to be a better leader. There are hundreds of great minds trying to perfect the art of leadership. Here’s a good place to start. And here and here as well. Over the years, I’ve […]

Cardinal Points

John C. Maxwell’s influential book The 360 Degree Leader: Developing Your Influence from Anywhere in the Organization has been a profound influence and fundamentally altered the way that I approach my work as a leader. The basic premise is that we are all, in fact, leaders. It doesn’t matter where we are placed in the organization. Whether […]

You’re in the Army Now

Extremes are never a good thing. Whether its speed, temperature or mass, anything that includes the word ‘extreme’ to describe it carries with it a heightened risk of failure. When you’re out on the ragged margin, there’s no place to go if things start to go wrong. Extreme approaches to leadership can have similar implications. […]

Thrown Under the Bus

U.S. President Harry S. Truman had a little plaque on his desk that said “The buck stops here”.  Truman believed that ultimately a leader must assume accountability for the decisions of their organization. Leaders who lack this sense of accountability will, instead of making tough decisions, often look for scapegoats and euphemistically “throw people under […]